22. November 2020
The colorful autumn can be seen everywhere and I enjoyed many walks. With the Kodak Gold 200 film I was able to capture beautiful pictures, which I show you in this photo series.

23. May 2020
A photo series of the beautiful Wakenitz nature reserve. Taken with the new LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 color film to capture an unique surreal look.

08. March 2020
It was a foggy morning and a perfect time to take pictures for the FP4 Party week. I used also a blue color filter to enhance the fog. I show you the results of beautiful atmospheric pictures.

19. February 2020
In this photo series I give my first thoughts about using the LomoChrome Metropolis film. I took some urban images of Frankfurt am Main with skyscrapers and city views.

09. February 2020
Do you love taking analog black and white photos? Then it's time for you to put on your rose-colored glasses. In this article, I give you a basic introduction of the varying effects of color filter and how this can improve your work. You learn what's to consider when you use one and I show you interesting b/w photos taken with a red filter.

11. December 2019
What is cross processing color film and how can you do this? I give you a brief introduction to start with and show you my results for the Agfa Precisa CT.

24. November 2019
How to capture hundreds of flying birds with an analog camera. Here you get the tips as a good starting point for your own photo session. In the process I show you the results of pushing Delta 400 film up to 3 stops.

11. November 2019
This guide gives you a short introduction in large format pinhole photography. You find out how I started with the HARMAN TiTAN 4x5 camera. Finally you get some useful information and I show you some incredible pictures of Lübeck.

26. October 2019
Colorful trees in autumn are so dazzling and inspiring. Explore the most interesting pictures from my photo walks in the autumn season. I took various medium format cameras and different films.

06. October 2019
On the 1st October started the Holga Week. I decided to capture some pinhole photos with my Holga 120 WPC. I give you a short introduction to the pinhole photography and show some results of the photo sessions.

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