Posts tagged with "b/w film"

08. March 2020
It was a foggy morning and a perfect time to take pictures for the FP4 Party week. I used also a blue color filter to enhance the fog. I show you the results of beautiful atmospheric pictures.

09. February 2020
Do you love taking analog black and white photos? Then it's time for you to put on your rose-colored glasses. In this article, I give you a basic introduction of the varying effects of color filter and how this can improve your work. You learn what's to consider when you use one and I show you interesting b/w photos taken with a red filter.

24. November 2019
How to capture hundreds of flying birds with an analog camera. Here you get the tips as a good starting point for your own photo session. In the process I show you the results of pushing Delta 400 film up to 3 stops.

11. November 2019
This guide gives you a short introduction in large format pinhole photography. You find out how I started with the HARMAN TiTAN 4x5 camera. Finally you get some useful information and I show you some incredible pictures of Lübeck.

06. October 2019
On the 1st October started the Holga Week. I decided to capture some pinhole photos with my Holga 120 WPC. I give you a short introduction to the pinhole photography and show some results of the photo sessions.