Photo series: Exploring Oslo

The Barcode - high rise district

barcode high-rise buildings and a bus
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The Barcode is a new high-rise district with modern buildings in Oslo and gives a remarkable skyline view.



Fujifilm GA645Wi



Wide-angle lens Fujinon Super-EBC 45mm (equivalent to 28mm KB) 1:4



Ilford Delta 400 Professional



Ilford Ilfosol 3 for 12 min @20°C

Opera House

complete building of the oslo opera house
Oslo Opera House

The Opera House and the surrounding area was one of my favorite places in Oslo.

Oslo Fjord

Fjord in Oslo
Fjords in Oslo

Oslo Holmenkollen

complete view of the famous Holmenkollen
Oslo Holmenkollen

The Holmenkollen is the famous ski jump in Oslo.

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