Photo series: Wakenitz taken on LomoChrome Purple color film

Fern in a purple color.
Fern taken with LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 film

In this photo series I show you the results from my latest roll of film. I took these during my walks at the Wakenitz. The Wakenitz is a small river in the southeast of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and the surroundings are a beautiful nature reserve. It is only a few minutes walk from my home, so I often enjoy being there.


Little pier and trees reflected in the water of the river Wakenitz

Lomochrome Purple xr 100 - 400

I took the LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 film which is great for an unique surreal look. Green turns to purple and blue to green. The color shifts remind me of a cross-processed film about which I have already written an article. The LomoChrome Purple is a color negative film that I developed with the C-41 Tetenal kit. 

Trees with strong clouds in a surreal view
Trees - LomoChrome Purple

As the name implies, the film is rated at a sensitivity of 100 to 400 ISO. I took these pictures with a 400 ISO setting and got really vivid colors. This film is available in other formats as medium format, 110 film or as a simple-use reloadable camera.


I chose a Pentax ME super camera with a 50mm 1.4 lens for the roll of 35mm film. This is a small and lightweight camera which I like a lot.


Below you see the pictures of this series, mainly capturing trees, the river and plants.

Little pier to the river.
Stay on glitter edge.
River Wakenitz.
Fern in the wood
Water reed up to the green sky with clouds.
Water reed up to the green sky.
Fallen tree with purple surroundings.
Fallen tree.
Wood with purple plants.
Pier to the river with trees.
Pier to the river.

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